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Australian born, singer-songwriter Chanel Campbell-Johansson has worked with various artists and music projects including R. City, Reggie Young of the Memphis Boys and Teddy Gentry of Alabama.  She was invited to be a part of the "The Music Inside", a collaboration tribute to Waylon Jennings, created by his late wife Jessi Colter.  As a result of Chanel's contribution, she began to garner recognition and was featured in USA Today as a "ones to watch" artist.  The article lauded her musical ability, declaring that "Chanel's gentle vocals [make] it worth waiting for this bonus track".  Jennings widow, Colter, praised Chanel's cover of "Wurlitzer Prize" saying it was the best version she had heard and if Waylon was here he would have loved it.

Chanel co-wrote and sang the theme song for Witt Stewarts debut novel “Just Be” that was released June 5, 2018. The audiobook features 10 bonus music tracks, including 2 of Chanel’s original songs “143” and “The Haunting”.

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